1. Confirm the event is created in The Raiser’s Edge
  2. In the blue dashboard bar click Create>New Part
  3. Under Part type, select Event Registration Form
  4. Enter a Part name
  5. Click Next
  6. Fill out Required Fields:
    1. Add an event
      1. Under add events, click Add an event
      2. Search for and select the event from The Raiser's Edge
      3. Enter a Name and description
      4. Under Event Price Options, mark the box for Include for any event unit types you want to include
      5. Choose any other optional items
      6. Click Save when finished
    2. Select a Fund from the Fund dropdown
    3. Under Payment Options select a Merchant Account
    4. Fill out any other optional items, then click Next
  7. This next step is the Acknowledgment email which the participant will receive
  8. Fill out the required fields: Name of Email, Subject, From address and From name
  9. Customize any other optional items as wanted
  10. When Finished, click Save