1. Confirm the event is created in The Raiser’s Edge
  2. In the blue dashboard bar click Create > New Part
  3. Under Part type, select Event Registration Form
  4. Enter a Part name
  5. Click Next
  6. Under Add Events, click Add an event
    1. Search for and select the event from The Raiser's Edge
    2. Enter a Name and description
    3. Under Event Price Options, mark the box(es) for Price Units to include
    • Click the triangle to expand; from here you can enter a description and limit date availability
    • To reorder price options, click the dots to the left of the price option to drag and drop
    1. Under Registrant Options, select fields to display and participant attributes you'd like to include
    2. Click Save
  7. Select a fund from the Fund dropdown
  8. Click Options to expand
    • Here you can enter a maximum number of registrants per checkout, select a constituent code, allow additional donations, allow individuals to register on behalf of an organization, select display price column/display text for free events, and additional fields to display on the form
  9. Under Consent, add a Communication Consent part if desired
  10. Under Payment Options, select a Merchant Account
  11. Under Additional Payment fields, select to include additional fields to display on the Blackbaud Secure Payments form (i.e., reCAPTCHA)
  12. Specify whether to use the default confirmation screen, or to customize your confirmation screen
  13. Click Save
  14. Fill out the required fields for the Acknowledgement email the participant will receive: Name of Email, Subject, From address and From name
  15. Customize any other optional items as wanted
  16. Click Save