SP10 Update to LoginInfo Blackbaud.Web.Content.Core.BBWebPrincipal.LogUserIn

When upgrading to CRM Service Pack 12, please be aware that there has been a change to the BBWebPrincipal.LogUserIn method. There is a new Boolean parameter called isJanRain. Please set it to True to avoid errors.
The isJanRain parameter was added in Service Pack 10, as part of changes to password storage for compliance for PA DSS. Service Pack 10 introduced increased security measures and implemented password hashing. For more information, see pages 208-209 of the New Features guide.

As part of our normal product improvement processes, we review our security measures, protocols, and infrastructure on an ongoing basis. Blackbaud Internet Solutions was automatically updated in this release to include security improvements for credit card processing in compliance with Payment Application Data Security Standard (PA-DSS). 

Enhanced Password Protection: We now use industry-tested and accepted hashing algorithms to encrypt and store user passwords. This provides stronger protection for user data as passwords are no longer stored in the database. However, no changes are required by your organization if your website uses standard password functionality in Blackbaud Internet Solutions. 

Note: If your organization uses a customization to integrate your website with a third-party single sign-on system, the customization may not work correctly. We recommend that you consult your single sign-on system provider to determine how the PA-DSS 3.2 requirements may affect your integration with Blackbaud Internet Solutions.

As a result of these changes, the Blackbaud.Web.Content.Core.BBWebPrincipal.LogUserIn has a new parameter called isJanRain. Set it to True when updating customizations to avoid errors.

Steps to Duplicate

1) Use Blackbaud.Web.Content.Core.BBWebPrincipal.LogUserIn to log users in
2) Upgrade a non-production environment to Service Pack 10 or later.
3) Update Blackbaud.Web.Content.Core.BBWebPrincipal.LogUserIn to reflect the added isJanRain parameter
4) Test thoroughly.
5) After updating Production, update all customizations or integrations that use this method 


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