Error "A buffer failed while allocating 10483896 bytes." - When running an ETL refresh

When running an ETL refresh, you might notice the ETL status log contains the error, "Error: [Date and time]
   Code: 0xC0047012
   Source: Load Changed Rows 
   Description: A buffer failed while allocating 10483896 bytes.
End Error
Error: [Date and time]
   Code: 0xC0047011
   Source: Load Changed Rows 
   Description: The system reports 97 percent memory load. There are 103065669632 bytes of physical memory with 2368249856 bytes free. There are 140737488224256 bytes of virtual memory with 140704380051456 bytes free. The paging file has 120245538816 bytes with 8704000 bytes free.
End Error"
This error message indicates that the system/server encountered a high memory utilization issue during the ETL refresh.  Investigation into memory issues on a system should be performed by a system administrator.  If you are hosted by Blackbaud, a support case can be filed to investigate this.  

Steps to Duplicate

1) Go to Administration > Data Warehouses > Blackbaud Data Warehouses > SQL agent job .
2) Notice the last execution status says failed.
3) Click Download status log.
4) Search for errors in the log and notice the above error.


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