1. Launch and log into your Document Template Manager
2. Once the Document Template Manager loads, choose the Template that you wish to send
3. Highlight the template of choice > Actions > Copy Template
4. The Copy Template window should appear:
Name - rename the Template to include the term 'Parent Organization' or add a name of your choice
Description can remain blank
Copy Options - Select the radio button for Header and Text
Copy As - Select either Printed or E-mail, your choice
Click 'OK'
5. Highlight your newly created template by clicking on it > Actions > Open Merge Fields
6. Merge Fields window should appear:
Select available fields from: Choose either Grantee Organization (for Requests) or Payee Organization (for Payments)
Available Fields: From the list, highlight 'Parent Organization Block' > Click 'Include'
Click 'OK'
7. Highlight your newly created template by clicking on it > Actions > Open Template
8. Once the Template is open in word, go to the Mailings tab at the top of the window > Select Merge Fields > From the dropdown select 'Grantee_Org_Parent_Organization_Block' or 'Payee_Org_Parent_Organization_Block' > Click on it to include it in the template
9. Position the merge field in an area of your choice
10. Remove any Address Block merge fields that exist in the template since these will pull from the Subsidiary Organization
11. Save your template

Your newly created template, when selected during the Generate Letter or Generate E-mail steps, will pull address information from the Parent Organization.