Memberships and Tickets are being purchased at an old price online

Membership being able to be bought at old pricing online. Tickets are being purchased at old pricing online. An old discount was used on an order.
We are currently evaluating this issue and will update this article when we have more information.

At this time, if a Constituent is signed into their Online Web form Cart and does not complete the transaction, the item they added to the cart will remain in their cart until the order is completed or the cart is manually cleared by the member. We can build the following query to determine if this is the case: 
  1. From Analysis, Information Library, Click Add an Ad-hoc Query. Choose the Source view of Sales Order. 
  2. From the middle drag Sales Order Record to Include records where and filter on the sales order number that was purchased at an incorrect price
  3. From the middle drag Transaction Date to Results fields to display
  4. From the middle drag Date Added (located under the System fields heading) to Results fields to display
  5. Preview Results
    • Note: The transaction date reflects the date the Sales Order was completed. The Date Added field reflects the date the item order was created, and is prior to the date you adjusted the pricing of the items in the order. 
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Steps to Duplicate

Step 1: Check the settings for days to keep carts before clearing and Configure the Cart Link on Web forms
  1. From Web, Click Web Payment Settings
  2. In the Days to Keep Anonymous Carts, Enter 0 -- this should empty the cart when the browser is closed
  3. Use the following Knowledgebase to ensure that you have a link to the shopping cart so we can easily access the shopping cart:
Step 2: Register for Web forms
  1. From Web, Click User Registration Settings
  2. Copy and past the Registration Form URL into a new tab
  3. Fill out the Registration Information
Step 3: Sign in to Web Forms and Leave Item in the Cart
  1. From Web, Click Manage Membership Forms
  2. Click the Arrow to the left of a Membership Program, Click the URL
  3. At the top of the Membership Form, Click Sign in and sign in to your cart
  4. Add a Membership Level to your cart
Step 4: Adjust Membership Pricing
  1. From Memberships, Click the Membership Program
  2. Navigate to the Prices Tab. Edit the Price of the Membership Level you added to your cart above
  3. Save
Step 5: Close Browser and Navigate back to Membership Form
  1. Close the browser you are working in
  2. Click Web, Click Manage Membership Forms
  3. Click the arrow to the left of the Program you used above, Click the URL
  4. Sign in to web forms
  5. Click the link to take you to your cart
  6. See the membership is still in the cart at the old pricing


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