This can potentially happen if the contact was created in their address book before the constituent made the donation. Contacts are grouped by their name and address. If the name/address listed in the address book doesn't match the name and address of the constituent record in Luminate, then they will not be grouped together. To fix this, open the donor record in Luminate and open the contact in their Address Book. Compare the names and address information to make sure they are identical. Update the contact record in the address book so that their information matches the constituent record. This will group the contacts together and properly link the donations to the record.
  1. Fundraising > select TeamRaiser
  2. Find the TeamRaiser and click Manage
  3. Search for the participant and click their name
  4. Find the donation that was made by the problematic contact record
  5. Click View/Edit to open the gift record
  6. Copy the email address
Now that we have the donor's email address, you can search them in Constituent360 to see if their name and address matches the information in their participant center.
  1. Constituent360 > select Constituents
  2. Use the email address you copied earlier to search
  3. Click View
Use the information from the constituent record as the primary and make sure the record in the participant center matches.