To completely exclude constituent who have given to a particular designation, we can build a constituent that have given to this designation and use this query as an exclusion.

Step 1: Build query to be used as exclusion
  1. From Analysis, Click Information Library, Click Add an Ad-hoc Query. 
  2. Choose the source view of Revenue
  3. On the left click Application Details. From the middle drag Designation System Record Id  to Include records where and set equal to the designation we want to exclude
  4. Optional fields to include:
    1. To Exclude Donations in a Certain date range, add Date to Include records where. On the left click Revenue, from the middle drag Date to Include records where and set between X and Y.
    2. To Exclude Donations of a certain amount or more add Application Details\Amount to Include records where. On the left click Application Details, from the middle drag Amount to Include records where and set greater than or equal to X
  5. On the left select Constituents, from the middle drag Name to Results fields to display
  6. Preview results 
  7. Navigate to Set Save Options
  8. Enter a Name, Mark the Box 'Create a Selection', Mark the Box 'Show this Selection in the Query Designer'
User-added image
  1. Save and Close
Step 2: Use this query as an exclusion in an existing query
  1. From Analysis, Information Library, Search and select the query we will be adding the exclusion to
  2. In the task bar on the left, Click edit definition
  3. On the left expand the Selections Folder, From the middle drag the query you created above to Include records where and set Equal to No
    • Note: Setting the selection is equal to No will exclude any constituents that are pulling into that query from your existing query
  4. Preview results and see the constituents pulling in your exclusion query are no longer in the output
  5. Save and Close