Datalist Merge Fields do not display on Page

When using datalist merge fields on a record display part in BBIS, one may notice that the fields do not display when you click "View site".

To correct this issue: 

  1. Access Administration > Administration > Application > Features > Data List Search and locate the data list in question
  2. Edit the data list 
  3. Collapse the "fields" node of the 'Select Constituents fields' column
  4. Add the Constituent Record > Constituent record field to the 'Results fields to display' window 
  5. Click Save and Close
  6. Edit the Data list (note: "constituent record" selected in page 4 will now appear as "system record ID")
  7. Select the 'Set save options' tab 
  8. For the "System record ID" field, select 'Hidden' for the Output type 
  9. Ensure that the "context record ID field:" is 'System record ID
  10. Click 'Save and close" 
  11. In BBIS, edit the Record Display Part
  12. Remove and re-add the merge fields from the custom data list

Steps to Duplicate

1.   In CRM create a constituent query with some output (ie Name, Address, etc). 
2.   Save the query and click Create data list at the bottom of the window. Name the data list and select a Context record ID field (Name). Click Save. 
3.   In BBIS, create a record display part that contains the datalist merge fields from the query/data list that was just created (Advanced merge fields > find your datalist merge fields). Apply the part to a page.
4.   Create a record search part that contains query merge fields from the query you created. Link the name field to your record display page. Apply the part to a new page.
5.   View the record search page and find a record. Click a name in the results to be directed to the record display page. Notice none of the fields show on the page.


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