There are a few ways for you to schedule a select group of students: select specific school level, grade level, individual selection, or a list created in Lists > Students.
  1. Navigate to onRecord > Procedures > Schedule Maker
  2. Select the applicable school year, level, and term
  3. Click the Generate student schedule button within the Student Schedule tile
  4. At the bottom of the popup window in the Students to include region, select the radio button labeled, "Selected students based on":
    • Selecting school level or grade level will provide a dropdown listbox for you to choose a level from
    • Selecting specific students will provide an advance typing textbox, so upon entering more than one character, a list of student names will begin to appear
    • Selecting list will present you with an "Open" link that, when clicked, will return the lists created in Lists > Students that you have access to
  5. The students selected will be the only ones included in that run of Generate student schedule