Total Revenue and Payments report shows checked in group sales under Unearned Revenue

On the Total Revenue and Payments report when there is an overage or refund on a group sale reservation the reservation shows up under Unearned revenue, even if it has been checked in. 
The Unearned Revenue section of the Total Revenue and Payments report displays all group sales overpayments, prepayments and refunds by design. This section is most commonly used by organizations that have a no refund policy and commonly keep any balance or overpayment that is on account.

Steps to Duplicate

For the group sale:
1. Go to Sales > Group Sales
2. Click Add new and search for a constituent
3. Create group sale reservation
4. Under Manage itineraries click Add
5. Add 15 Visitors
6. Click on the name of the itinerary
7. Click Add scheduled Program
8. Add Scheduled program to itinerary
9. Under Payments, click Add
10. Add Payment for total amount of group sale
11. Click the Drop Down arrows next to itinerary name
12. Edit the number of visitors to 11
13. Click Check in group

Running the total revenue and payments report
  1. Go to Revenue > Total Revenue and Payments
  2. Ensure 'Show revenue that moved from unearned to earned' is selected
  3. Run the report


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