There is a default query that may already be built in the database named Constituents with constituency code. This query can be copied and modified to include the particular constituency, and information you are looking for 
  1. Click Analysis > Information Library
  2. Click Add an ad-hoc query
  3. Choose Constituents as the Source View 
  4. Add the field Constituencies\Constituency to the Include Records Where field:
    1. Click Constituencies from the Browse for fields in 
    2. Click Constituency from the Select Constituencies fields
    3. Drag the field to the Include Records Where 
    4. Choose Equal to (or not equal to if you are trying to exclude)
    5. Choose the appropriate constituency from the drop down field
    6. Click OK 
  5. Add additional fields to Results Fields to Display. This can vary based off of what information you would like to see in the results. Some common examples are Email Address, Constituency Date From, etc. 
    1. Constituency date from or date to can be found under Constituencies in the Browse for Fields in column (Constituencies\Date From)
    2. Email Address can be found under Email Addresses in the Browse for Fields in column (Email Addresses\Email Address)
  6. Save the query