The steps below outline how to enable and create a see who's coming list for your event:
  1. Create a participant attribute in The Raiser's Edge that is Yes/No and marked Allow Only 1 per Record.
  2. Log into Blackbaud NetCommunity and navigate to Administration > Code tables.
  3. Click Refresh code tables.
  4. Navigate to Administration > Sites & settings.
  5. Under the Attributes section, check the box to Enable attendee list for events.
  6. Select the attribute you created in step 1 from the drop-down.
  7. Scroll up to the top and press Save.
  8. Navigate to your event page and edit the Event Registration Form part.
  9. After adding your event record from The Raiser's Edge, check the box to Include Attendee List
    • Note: If you would like to display the attendee list in another section of your website separate from the event form itself, click the Copy Link URL. The direct link to the attendee list can then be pasted into a Formatted Text & Images part on another page.
  10. Under the Attendee List options, a list of page names containing Directory parts displays. Select the desired page or create a new page with a Directory part and return to the Event Registration Form to complete the setup. 
    • Note: The see who's coming list requires the Directory part to display the list of attendees. If you do not have the Directory part, contact your account manager for more details.
    • Note: Within the Directory Part, for Records to Include, you may leave it defaulted to All Constituents. The Records to Include does not change which records are displayed in the Attendee List. The Attendee List results are controlled by the Participant Attribute added to the participant records within the Event in The Raiser's Edge.
  11. If you'd like for registrants to be opted in by default, check the box for Registrants will be opted in by default.
  12. Click Save to complete the setup.

When individuals fill out the form, each registrant is asked if they'd like for their attendance to be shared on the event attendee list. If the registrant opts out, his or her participant record will be marked with a No value for the attendee attribute. The attendee list will only display those who have a Yes value for the attribute.

If you would like for attendees to be able to message one another directly through the attendee list, enable messaging through the directory part.