The steps below outline how to create the Email Signup part:
  1. Navigate to Create > New part.
  2. Click the binoculars under Part type and select Email Signup.
  3. Assign a unique part name and click Next. 
  4. Check the boxes to include the biographical fields you'd like to collect on the form. You can also mark the fields as required.
    • Note: If you include Class of, School Name is automatically included as well since the School Name is needed to create the educational record in The Raiser's Edge.
  5. Check the boxes to include any Constituent attributes you'd like to collect on the form. You can also add additional Constituent attributes.
  6. Check the box to enable reCAPTCHA if desired.
  7. From the drop-down, select the Constituent Code that will be applied to Constituents who sign up through the form.
  8. In the Navigation section, assign the landing page a user is taken to after signing up by clicking the binoculars and selecting the desired page.
  9. Configure the New Signup Confirmation Email at the top in green.
  10. Click Save to complete the setup.

Unlike the User Login part, the Email Signup part does not create a Blackbaud NetCommunity username. The email signup will appear in the NetCommunity plugin in The Raiser's Edge as a Sign-up Request. You can filter the email signups from the username signups in the plugin by clicking on Sign-up Requests and changing the drop-down at the bottom from All Transactions to either Email Sign Up Transactions or User Login Transactions.