The steps below outline how to add personalized subject lines to your email message:
  1. Navigate to Email > Templates
  2. Click new template
  3. Assign a unique Template name
  4. From the Data source drop-down, choose Constituents
  5. In the Subject field, click the paper icon to the right. A list of available merge fields from The Raiser's Edge will be displayed. The merge fields displayed are currently the only merge fields available for use in the email subject line. Check the box next to the merge field to add it to the subject line.
  6. Type in a alternate subject. This should be a general term that is applicable to most email recipients, such as the word donor or supporter. This field displays if any of the merge fields are blank on the record in The Raiser's Edge. For instance, if your email subject is "Dear <First Name>" and the recipient has a blank first name in The Raiser's Edge, your alternate subject will display instead, such as "Dear Donor"
  7. Complete the remaining required fields.
  8. Press Save
  9. Click New message to configure a email message based on this template.
Although the settings and subject lines are carried to the message level from the template level, these can be changed at any point on the message level as well. 
Note: Personalized subject lines are only available for Constituent lists and Email > Messages. Newsletters and Campaigns do not support personalized subject lines.