By default the admins in the Advanced Site Administrators group will have these permissions. If an admin in your organization is already a member of this group, they can manually add additional administrators to this group to provide these permissions. If you do not already have an administrator in the Advanced Site Administrators group, you can contact Support to request access to this group.

If you would like to add this permission to an existing admin group, any administrator in the Advanced Site Admin group can do so by following the steps below.
  • Select Constituent360 > Groups > Administrator Group List tab
  • Click Edit Permissions for the group you wish to add these permissions to
  • In the What type of permissions do you want to edit? drop down select System Administration 
  • Click Choose
  • Select Advanced Administrator
  • Click Save
It is important to note that in addition to providing access to the Message Catalog Editor admins in this group will now also have access to the Page Wrapper Editor, Database Configuration, and additional site options.