How do I reset an external reviewer's password?

A Reviewer can not log into the Reviewer Portal using their login and password.

They are using a URL similar to: https://(foundation name), put in their email address and password and then receives the message "Incorrect user ID or password."
1. Log into GIFTS Online and go to "full search" and select contacts from the left column.
2. Search for the contact record either by last name or email address and select the contact records by checking the select box (do not open the record).
3. Go to the top of the left column and click on the "refresh" icon and now you will see the reviews updates. Click on 'reviews' from the left column and the contacts reviews will populate. Select a review by checking off the select box and go to the tool bar in upper right and go to Actions and select Generate Email.
4. Select email template and the document wizard populates.
5. From the Select Template drop down select the Reset Password template and Generate and now you can send the email and the reviewer can now reset their password.

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 Firefox;Internet Explorer
 Gifts Online

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