If your import file contains over 2,000 rows, you will receive this error until the file is condensed. If you have a large file over 2,000 rows that you need to import, you can split the larger file into smaller files by following these steps:
  1. Create a new Excel spreadsheet
  2. Copy the column headers from your original file, and paste these into the first row of the new Excel file
  3. In the original, larger file, highlight the rows from row 2001-4000; right click on the highlighted rows and click Copy
  4. In the new Excel file, place your cursor in the second row, column A, and right click and hit Paste. This will paste rows 2001-4000 from the original file to this new spreadsheet
  5. In the original file, right click on the highlighted rows again (2001-4000) and click Clear Contents. That will remove these rows from the original file
  6. Save both files as CSV files

If you have a file that needs to be broken into small chunks several times (4000+ rows), follow steps 1-6 above until you have broken the original file down into smaller files that all contain 2,000 or less rows.

If you are receiving this error and your CSV file contains 2,000 or less rows, try these steps within the CSV file:
  1. Highlight all rows within the file, including row 1 with the column headers
  2. Right click on the highlighted rows and click on Copy
  3. Open a new Excel file
  4. Place your cursor in Cell A1; right click and then click Paste. This pastes the original file over into the blank file
  5. Click File>Save As
  6. Save the new file as a CSV file
  7. Attempt the import once more with the new file
If you still receive the error after copying the original file over to a new file, Contact Support and reference this article. Please indicate to the analyst that you have already worked through the steps above.