Transaction List Report Total Summary does not update when voiding posted transactions

The Transaction List Report in Accounts Receivable can be used to track all transaction to a client record and give the total for their debits and credits. When we delete a transaction, posted or not yet posted, that transaction is no longer listed in the detail of the report. But when we delete a posted transaction, the total amount of debits and credits for the accounts is unaffected, when they should be changed based on the deleted transaction.
This issue has been resolved in The Financial Edge version 7.87 patch 23.  If your database is not hosted by Blackbaud please download and install the latest patch: How to install a patch (includes video demo)

Steps to Duplicate

  1. In AR, go to Reports, Transaction Reports
  2. Open a saved or make a new Transaction List report.
  3. Go to the Format Tab, Grant totals, and mark the box for Show grand totals for these characteristiscs
  4. Then mark the box for Account ID
  5. Preview the report, and see the totals listed for the accounts. If there were any posted activity that was deleted, they are still being counted.


 Financial Edge

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