Specific Action Notes missing in NXT view

Specific Action Notes are missing in NXT view after being saved in RE database view.
Currently, the Raiser's Edge NXT does not pull action notes from the database view that have links or images pasted into the notes. This issue has been evaluated by Blackbaud, and has been determined to be functioning properly, but is a candidate for a future addition to the functionality in NXT. In the meantime, to avoid notes not displaying in NXT web view avoid coping links and graphics in Action Notes.

Steps to Duplicate

1. Open a Constituent record
2. Go to the Action Tab
3. Click New Action and populate the required fields
4. Go to the Notes tab and click New Notepad
5. Add a Date and choose a Type from the dropdown
6. Copy any Email text including a signature that contains links to Facebook, Twitter, etc.
7. Paste into the Notepad
8. Save and Close the Notepad
9. Save and Close the Action record
10. After sufficient time to refresh to NXT view, login to NXT and open the same Constituent record
11. Go to the Actions/Notes Section
12. Open the Action that was saved in DB view.  See that is shows 0 Notes on the Action
13. Open the Action record in DB view and open the Notepad.  The Note is still there on the Action record.

Image of the pasted data into Action Notes

**Note: If this same copy/paste process is done on a Constituent Note, the text of the email still appears in NXT view.  This only happens in Action Notes.

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