In Blackbaud NetCommunity 7.1 SP1, reCAPTCHA was upgraded to version 2 (V2). reCAPTCHA keys generated prior to December 2014 are not compatible with V2 and will need to be regenerated for use in BBNC. If your key was generated after 2014, your key should be compatible with both V1 and V2.

If this error is present, a new reCAPTCHA key needs to be created. 
  1. Configure recaptcha
  2. You will be provided with public (site) and private (secret) keys.
  3. Navigate to the NetCommunity website> Administration > Sites & Settings
  4. Select your site on the left hand side below the globe icon
  5. Scroll down to the recaptcha area
  6. Update the private and public keys
  7. When finished, click Save
Error: Unable to load the reCAPTCHA image. The public key (xxxxxxx) might be invalid for this domain - when submit or viewing form