There are consequences to removing coding sheets from your records, so please be aware of this before following this procedure.

1. From your GIFTS Online Dashboard, click on the Admin tab > Select 'Classifications' by clicking on the icon in the ribbon menu
2. Once the Classifications tables list appears, locate the table you wish to remove from your records > double-click the Classification table row to open the table
3. Once the Classification table opens, you will note that, to the right, there are Coding Sheet cards for different record types > Uncheck 'Include?' on the appropriate Coding Sheet/Default card - this may be Request, Organization, and/or Contact
4. Click 'Save' > A prompt appears: "There are currently ### (<record type>) records classified with a <name of Classification table> value. If you save this table, these classifications will be deleted. Do you wish to proceed?" > Fill in the checkbox if you are certain you want to remove all traces of this codes table and click 'Done' > BEAR IN MIND: this action will delete past history regarding the entries from this Classification table. Proceed if and only if you are certain!
5. What will result is that your records will no longer display that Classification table under the Coding section