To include the contact details of the Organization Primary Contact in your Request records' search results, please follow the steps below:

1. Conduct a search in your Requests tab within the Organizer to suit the needs of your report
2. Once your results appear, click View in the top menu > Click 'Show Columns'
3. Your Request Columns window appears > In the lower left section of the window, click the dropdown menu arrow under 'Select available columns from' > Select 'Grantee Organization'
4. The list of 'Available Columns' appears above the dropdown > Scroll until you find Primary Contact Block
5. Click 'Primary Contact Block' to highlight it > Click the 'Include>>' button > This will then move the colum to the 'Show these columns in this order' list
6. You may click 'Move Up' or 'Move Down' to position the column as you wish
7. Click 'Save and Close'
8. The Organization Primary Contact Block column now appears and contains the Name/Telephone #/Fax #/Email Address of the Organization Primary Contact