1. From the Blackbaud Grantmaking (GIFTS Online) Dashboard, click Launch tab > Click 'Applications' icon
2. When the menu appears, click the option 'Forms Manager'
3. The Forms Manager opens > search for the form where the Code fails to appear
4. IF the form is Active, you must deactivate the form first since edits can only be made in Inactive forms
5. Once the form is Inactive/If the form is already Inactive, double-click the form title to open the form
6. Navigate to the page where the Classification Table field lives
7. Click the field to highlight the field
8. In the right column of the page after clicking the field, scroll until you see an Edit Codes link > Click 'Edit Codes'
9. Once the Edit Codes window appears, you will see your newly added code in the left column > Check the box next to the code > Click the right-facing arrow to move it into the Available Codes list
10. Click 'OK' > Click 'Save and Close' once the change is complete
11. If necessary, Activate the form once more