If this behavior occurs, it is likely that your computer is set to open .htm and/or .html files using Microsoft Word and not Internet Explorer. To correct this, please follow these steps:

1. On your computer, click on the Start tab in the lower left corner
2. Search for 'Control Panel' > When the results appear, click on 'Control Panel'
3. This should open your Control Panel Items window > click on the icon for 'Default Programs'
4. Under 'Choose the programs that Windows uses by default', click 'Set your default programs'
5. When the 'Set your default programs' list appears, click on Internet Explorer > Click 'Choose defaults for this program'
6. Check on the list of associations in to see if the Current Default is set to Internet Explorer
7. If it is not set for any of these extensions, click the Cancel button
8. This brings you back to the 'Set your default programs' list > click on Internet Explorer once more
9. Click 'Set this program as default' > There may not appear to be action being taken but it is making changes on the back end
10. Repeat steps 5 and 6, this time the default should be Internet Explorer
11. Back in IGAM, attempt to preview your form as you had been > The form should now open in Internet Explorer as it should