Email editor does not show when editing emails

When editing an email message in NetCommunity, the email content or email body is missing. You are unable to edit the content or see the content. You may notice this happens in one browser, but it doesn't happen in another browser.
Clear cache
Typically, this behavior is prompted by a caching behavior. Clear your cache for all time. Note: We provide links to third-party websites in an effort to help you resolve your issue. We are not responsible for the information on third-party websites and we cannot assist with implementing resolutions from these websites.

Special Circumstances
If you are on version 7.1. Service Pack 1 and your browser language to set to English (United Kingdom)
This issue was resolved in the latest version of Blackbaud NetCommunity. If this behavior is persistent, please confirm you’re on the latest version of NetCommunity. If you have not upgraded yet, follow these steps on for installations on previous versions:
  1. Navigate to this zip file and download it.
  2. Extract the files, you should see two files called en-GB.js and en-gb_dlg.js.
  3. Copy these files and put them in the following locations. Note that the location may differ depending on where you installed Blackbaud NetCommunity.
    1. en-GB.js - C:\Program Files\Blackbaud\NetCommunity\Client\Scripts\tiny_mce_V4\langs\
    2. en-gb_dlg.js - C:\Program Files\Blackbaud\NetCommunity\Client\Scripts\tiny_mce_V4\plugins\advimage\langs\
  • Once completed, this issue should be resolved.

Steps to Duplicate

  1. Login to Blackbaud NetCommunity
  2. Go to Emails -> Messages
  3. Create a new email and select any template or edit an email message
  4. Observe that only the first half of the screen loads with content. The email designer does not show


 Blackbaud NetCommunity
 7.1 Service Pack 2 (
 Introduced in 7.1 SP1

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