To add a new Smart Field Category, you will need to configure Categories in the Smart Field Category Code Table. To find this code table follow these steps:
  1. Go to Administration 
  2. Under Data, click Code Tables
  3. Click the Filters button to filter your list of code table by category. Choose Smart Field in this drop down, then click Apply. The Smart Field Category code table will appear in the list. To view and add entries, click the hyperlinked name Smart Field Category: User-added image
  4. To add entries to this code table, click the Add button: User-added image
    1. Important Note: If you do not see the Add button, you may need to grant permissions to the code table. From the Smart Field Category code table, click Assign Permissions. 
      User-added image
    2. In the following window, choose to grant permissions to Add, Edit, and Delete entries to everyone who has the Code Tables System Role, then click Save
      User-added image
    3. You will now be able to add entries to this code table.