Notes before starting:

These steps rely heavily on how consistent the user has been in entering date in both Core and the Raiser's Edge.  We recommend that you review each step thoroughly before deleting, as once this is done, it cannot be "undone" and make sure you have a recent backup of your Raiser's Edge database before starting.

The query steps provided are based on the assumption that all gender translations are set up in the ConnectRE settings, and that the user is consistently entering a gender in Core.  The ConnectRE settings should look like this:
 User-added image
If they do not, adjust your criteria in your query accordingly
  • For brevity, this walks though how to query for duplicate Parent/Child relationships.  The same steps can be applied to Grandparent/Grandchild
  • If Gender has not been assigned on the Core profile, you may end up including the relationship from Core in the query.  This is okay.  If you accidentally delete the relationship from Core, the next time there is an update on the Core record, when it sweeps for other differences it will push down the relationship again.

Creating your Query

  1. Create a new Relationship (Dynamic) Query
  2. Include the following criteria (make note of the and/or conditions as well as parenthesis use):
    • ( Individual Relation Code one of Daughter, Son
    • AND Individual Relation Recip Relation Code not one of Father, Mother)
    • OR ( Individual Relation Code one of Father, Mother
    • AND Individual Relation Recip Relation Code not one of Daughter, Son )
    • AND Constituency Code one of Current Parent, Past Parent, Student, Alumnus 
picture of query criteria
  • Note - if you use different constituent codes, please adjust accordingly based on your settings in ConnectRE
  1. Include Constituent Name, Individual Relationship Reciprocal Code AND Individual Name and Individual Relation Code in your Output
Query results
  1. Run your Query and verify your results.  Save your Query

Deleting Duplicates

Once you have verified your query results, you can then follow the steps in How to globally delete relationships
  • Please note, if you make your students full constituents, you will want to make sure that on the Delete Options tab to include "are linked constituents"
  • You will also want to run the pre-delete report before actually completing the delete step.