No teachers are scheduled when using a Different Term, Same Teacher rule.

When running Generate Master Schedule, courses using a rule for Different Term, Same Teacher will not schedule teachers into the sections.
This can occur when the rule is reciprocated between courses. When a teacher is scheduled in the first section of the course A, Generate Master Schedule it is trying to pushing this over to course B to meet the course rule. Because course B also has the same rule set up, it tries to schedule it's own teacher back from course B to course A, and ends up creating a "conflict". To resolve this:
  1. Open the affected course.
  2. Select the Rules tab.
  3. Un-mark Reciprocate Rule.
  4. Click Save & Exit.
  5. Open the second course that the rule is applied to.
  6. Select the Rules tab.
  7. Ensure the Rule is not present on this record.
  8. Click Save & Exit.

Steps to Duplicate

1.    Create two new course records (Sem1 and Sem2).
2.    Add restrictions for one to start in Fall term (Length 1), and the other to start in Spring (Length 2).
3.    Add the same teachers/rooms as resources to the Course records to prepare them for scheduling (i.e. two teachers (target 1 each), and several rooms. Set teachers per section to 1).
4.    Add a Scheduling Rule for Different Term, Same Teacher, Block, Room, Section between both courses, and mark to reciprocate.
5.    Create two classes for each of the courses.
6.    Run Generate Master Schedule, filtered on the courses.
7.    See no teachers are scheduled.

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