We do not have a system role that will only grant a user access to Advance Sales. Both the Ticket Seller and Guest Services Manager System Roles will grant a user access to this area of Altru, but they will also grant access to additional areas. The Ticket Seller role would be the more restrictive of the two. The specific permissions associated with each role can be found in our Security User Guide
  • Note: To assign a user a system role you will need to have the System Role Administrator System Role assigned to your username. Once the role has been assigned to the user, they will need to log out and log back in to Altru for the changes to take affect. To assign a system role to a user, we can follow the steps below
    1. Click Administration > Click Application Users
    2. Click the arrow beside the User's Username > Click Edit
    3. Search and Select the desired System Role
    4. Click Save