Can I sync fields that don't sync from FIMS to CRM by default?

I working with FIMS CRM and was attempting to sync new fields from FIMS to FIMS CRM. I read the FIMS Fields that Sync with FIMS CRM document. If they are not on this list, does that mean they cannot be brought into FIMS CRM?
The FIMS Fields that Sync document is a listing of the default fields that are setup originally to sync. There is a utility in the FIMS CRM menu that allows you to customize additional fields to sync to CRM from FIMS (Tools > System Utilities > FIMS CRM > FIMS CRM Sync Mapping). The FIMS field in question must be available for selection there for it to be able to sync to CRM.
  FIMS Fields That Sync with FIMS CRM.pdf



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