Querying by Title in a Participant query returns no results

When using a Participant query, if Participant Information -> Title is selected in the criteria tab, then no results are returned even if the event record shows participants with the relevant title(s).  This is the case when querying both existing constituents and non-constituents (Guests).

If Constituent -> Title is used instead, then the query works.  However, as particpants can also be non-constituents this can be confusing and should technically be the opposite; should be able to query non-constituent guests using Participant Information but not Constituent Information.

It does not matter which field is selected in the output tab; both fields display the correct title.
We are currently evaluating this issue and will update this article when we have more information.

Currently, this can be resolved by selecting Title from the Constituent drop down instead of the Participant drop down.

Steps to Duplicate

1. Create an event record and add two participants; one constituent and one non-constituent guest.  Ensure both participants have the same title on their participant record.
2. Create a new Participant query and search for the constituents using Participant Information -> Title equals <title>.
3. Check results and see nothing shown.
4. Go back to criteria tab and remove the Title field.  Add a criteria field for Constituent -> Title equals <title>.
5. Check results and see both the existing constituent and non-constituent guest are included in the results.


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