How to have the Household recognition type show under Recognition History

When revenue is created for a household, the Household type may not show under Recognition History.It may only show Donor for every member of the household. 
1. When adding a payment to a Household once you click add payment , the Add a Payment screen will come up
2. Click on the Recognition icon, that is under the Application Details area ( it has two small people on it) 
3. Now under constituent should be the household, and all the members of the household, make sure Household is selected from the dropdown menu for the household (this cannot be blank) and Donor for the members (Donors)
4. After selecting that make sure to click on Split Fully then click OK
5. Now finish the rest of the payment info and click Save, after it takes you to the payment page go back to the household and view the Recognition History, It should now show the donor and Household


 Blackbaud CRM

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