You can refund a sales order to an other payment method so that the funds will not go back on the customer's credit card. You can then create a new order for the constituent using the same other payment method to apply those funds to the item you would like. 

Note: Before processing the refund, you can add an other payment method if you don't already have one set up in your database. 

Step #1: Create the refund:
  1. On the Sales tab click Refunds
  2. Search by the Order number, Constituent, Payment method, or Source
  3. Click the item you need to refund and click Select
  4. Under Items to be refunded, mark the checkboxes next to each item you would like to refund if more than one is present
    Note:  If you only need to refund some of the items in the order, only mark the checkboxes next to these items
  5. To partially refund an item, change the amount to refund in the Refund column
  6. In the Payment Details section, click the drop-down in the Refund Method column and select your other payment method ​
    Note: When refunding to an Other payment method in Altru the patron's credit card will not be refunded. This step will allow you to show a refund in Altru without actually refunding the credit card. 
  7. Choose the Reason Code and add a comment if desired
  8. Click Refund

Step #2: Create the new order:
  1. On the Sales tab click Daily Sales
  2. Search for and select the name of your constituent
  3. Add the items that you need to the order
  4. In the payment section click Other
  5. On this window, enter the amount that you previously refunded to the other payment method
  6. Click the Other Method drop-down, select the name of your other payment method and Save
  7. Complete the order