Typically in order to switch a registrant or ticket to a new program, you need to process a refund and repurchase of that ticket (for more information, see: A constituent wants to reschedule tickets to a different program). However, when a ticket has been refunded, no further refunds can be made (for more information, see: Cannot find order to refund). 

If you have a situation where you still need to move a registrant or a ticket to a different program after a refund has been processed, we recommend following the steps below: 
  1. Ring a new order to register the patron for the new program. 
    1. Go to Sales > Advance Sales 
    2. On Step 1, enter the patron name. 
    3. On Step 2, find the program your patron wants to switch to and add the new registration to the order. 
  2. Use a 100% discount code to discount the order to $0.00.
    1. On Step 2, click the Discounts and promotions button, then click Apply a discount or promotion.
    2. In the Discounts and promotions screen, apply a discount to reduce the balance to $0. You can use an Adjustable Discount or configure a new standard item discount using instructions in our related solution: I need to add a discount
    3. Click Complete to finish registering the patron for the new program.  
  3. Cancel the registrant from the previous event if needed. If the patron was registered for a scheduled program that requires registration such as a camp or class, you will also want to cancel their initial registration.
    1. From Constituent Search, open the Constituent's record. 
    2. Go to the Events Tab. Scroll to Preregistered Programs and click the name of the event you need to cancel the registration for. This will bring you to the event record. 
    3. On the Registrants Tab, click Mark As Cancelled to cancel your registrant for the event: User-added image