In this case, the form itself does require the email field for the Request Primary Contact, but not for the Organization Primary Contact. So, when a user checks the box that says "Same as Organization Primary Contact" in the form, it takes the values - including the blank ones - from the Organization Primary Contact and carries them to the fields for the Person Completing Profile.

To resolve this behavior, please take the following steps:

1. Deactivate the affected Application > When prompted if you want to allow in-progress applications to be submitted, respond 'Yes'.
2. Open the inactive form
3. Once the form loads, select 'Organization Primary Contact' from the topmost dropdown menu in the left column of the page.
4. There should be a checkmark at the bottom stating 'Organization Primary Contact is required' > Check that box
5. Drag and drop the Email field from the Organization Primary Contact list to the form in the Chief Executive Officer section
6. Save and close the form once this is complete
7. Back in the Forms Manager, Activate the form once more.