If your membership program is configured to allow multiple terms, we can configure a 3-month Level or we can add a 3 Month term to any existing memberships. 
  1. From the terms and levels tab, click Edit
  2. In the Enter terms for this membership, enter 3 Months
    User-added image
  3. (Optional) If you are entering a separate level that will only be available for 3 months, enter the following information
    1. Name 
    2. Description
    3. Number of Members
    4. Number of Cards
    5. Number of Children
    6. Reporting Group
    7. Mark the box in the Active Column
  4. Save
  5. Navigate to the Prices tab, Click Edit
  6. For all levels that should offer a 3 month membership
    1. Mark the box in the Active (3 Month) Column
    2. Enter a price in the 3 month price column
      User-added image
    3. Save