Marketing acknowledgements are not generating letters

There are multiple options for managing revenue communications in the program, including marketing acknowledgement efforts, standard acknowledgements, and receipts. When their features overlap, we recommend that you use marketing acknowledgements to combine receipts and thank you letters in one letter. It's possible to run Marketing acknowledgements and have no letters generated when not set up correctly.
If no letters are generated, the problem could be that there are no records returned in the static selections used on the template. Ensure that all of the static selections used on the Segment of the template have been refreshed:

1. Navigate to Marketing and Communications and select Marketing acknowledgements.
2. Select the Templates tab.
3. Select the acknowledgement template you are working with to go to the template.
4. On the Acknowledgement Rules tab, highlight the first segment in the list and click Edit.
5. In the Segment field click the pencil icon to edit the segment.
6. On the 'Edit revenue segment' screen, highlight the selection used at the bottom and click Edit.
7. In the opened query window, click Save and close at the bottom of the screen.
8. Click Save on the 'Edit revenue segment' screen.
9. Click Save on the 'Edit marketing acknowledgement rule' window. 
10. Complete steps 4-9 for each segment on the acknowledgement.
11. Rerun the acknowledgement process.

If any of the selections used in the process contain criteria of 'Exists in <ad-hoc query>, be sure to refresh those selections as well by opening the ad-hoc queries and saving them.

Steps to Duplicate

1. Navigate to Marketing and Communications and select Marketing acknowledgements.
2. Select the Marketing acknowledgements tab.
3. Select the Marketing acknowledgements process to use.
4. Under Tasks select Export effort. 
5. Click Start to begin the export process.

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