Unable to authenticate into CRM using Microsoft Edge

After the most recent Windows 10 update (the creator update), when selecting the BBCRM link from the branding page, it will not authenticate, it simply spins. This only occurs when using Microsoft Edge. 
We're currently evaluating this issue for a fix in a future release.

To resolve this issue, you have the following options. 

1) Use an alternative web browser. (i.e. Chrome or Firefox) 
2) From the Branding Page select the Web Dashboard, enter your authentication credentials then select the BBCRM log in link. 

Steps to Duplicate

Pre-requites steps:
1. Must have a local machine that has the latest Windows 10 Creator Update installed. 

Steps to duplicate: 
1. Navigate to the CRM Splash Branding Page (i.e. the home page for CRM - Web dashboard - Mobilize etc..) using Microsoft Edge web browser. 
2. Click the Blackbaud CRM link. 
3. Note that the window to Authenticate appears. 
4. Enter your credentials. 
5. Note that the BBCRM loading page spins indefinitely. 


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