In most cases, you can look up a constituent in LCRM by using the Member ID field (if populated) in Luminate Online.
  1. In Luminate Online, navigate to Constituent360 > Constituents
  2. Enter the name of the constituent
  3. Click Find
  4. If a Member ID exists, it will display in the ID column of the results returned
  5. Highlight this Member ID number
  6. Copy it
  7. In a new tab of your browser, navigate to LCRM
  8. The address bar should display a URL that begins with where the XX are numbers
  9. Highlight everything after
  10. On your keyboard, press backspace
  11. Paste in the Member ID
  12. On your keyboard, press enter
This should take you to the constituent record in LCRM associated with the Member ID in Luminate Online.