Someone made an online donation, but no membership has generated

You may have a contributions-based membership configured to award memberships to constituent's based on donations to a certain designation. When reviewing constituent donations, you may find that a constituent who made an online donation did not pull into the Membership Contribution Process and was not awarded the appropriate membership. 
We will want to check the following things to ensure troubleshoot why the Membership may not have been awarded to the Constituent.
  1. Confirm the Membership Contribution Process is running Nightly and is filtered on your Membership Program
    1. From Memberships, Click Membership Contribution Process
    2. Click the Nightly Membership Program Contribution Process
    3. Click Edit Process in the task bar on the left
    4. Ensure that the process is filtering on either All Programs OR your specific contributions program
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    5. Navigate to the History tab, ensure the process is running nightly. If the process is not running nightly, follow the steps below to set up a job schedule. If the process is running nightly, we will not need to add an additional job schedule as running this process multiple times a night can cause issues with payments pulling in. 
      1. On the Job Schedules tab, Click add 
      2. Enter a Job Name
      3. Adjust the Schedule Type to reflect Daily
      4. Mark the Enabled box
      5. Adjust the Frequency to occur every 1 day
      6. Adjust the Daily Frequency to occur once at 3:00 am
      7. Mark the radio button for no end date
      8. Save
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  2. Confirm this Order is not an Unresolved Online Sales Order
    1. From Sales, Click Unresolved Online Sales Orders
    2. If the Sales Order Lookup ID is in the list, click the Lookup ID to open the order
    3. Click View Unresolved Order Error
    4. Resolve error and Complete Order
  3. Check the Designation and types of Payments that will qualify for memberships within your Contributions Program
    1. From Memberships, Click your Contributions Program
    2. Navigate to the Rules Tab
      1. Note the Designation(s) that qualify for this Program
      2. Ensure that Payments for Donations, pledges, and recurring gifts are counted toward a Membership
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    3. Navigate to the Price Ranges Tab
      1. Note the qualifying gift Amounts for each level
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  4. Confirm the Online Order meets the qualifications you noted in Step 3
      1. From Sales, Click Order Search
      2. Search and Select the Order Number
      3. On the order details tab, confirm the designation listed is the designation defined on your Membership Program
        1. If the designations is incorrect, we can adjust the designation on the sales order
      4. Confirm the amount of the order and ensure that is qualifies to be awarded one of the Membership Levels. If the order does not qualify for one of the membership levels, but should we can edit the price range of the membership levels
        1. From Memberships, Click the Membership Program Name
        2. Navigate to the Price Ranges Tab
        3. Click Edit adjust the amounts associated with the membership level you would like awarded
        4. Save
    If you have walked through each of these steps, and the membership is not awarded the next night when your process runs -- Chat with Support and reference this article. 


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