You can use Altru's Global Change process to add the same user-defined constituency to multiple constituents at once.
  1. First, you will need to group the constituents you need to add the constituency to in a selection. The selection can be created in two ways:
    • You can build a Constituent Query and ensure the constituents you need to add the constituency to are all present in your results. On the Set Save Options tab, be sure you've checked the box to Create a selection. This will make the group of constituents available for the global change process. 
    • If you have an ID for the constituents, you can also import a selection. For more information about importing a selection, see our related solution here: I need to import a list of constituent names and lookup IDs (includes video demo)
  2. Once you have your selection, go to Administration and under Data, click Global Changes. Note: If you do not see Global Changes under Administration, you may need to have your System Role Administrator add the Altru System Role of Global Change to your user account. 
  3. Click Add to add a new Global Change. 
  4. In the Select a global change definition window, select Add user-defined constituency then click OK. 
  5. Under Name, name your Global Change Process
  6. Under the Parameters, add the selection you created in Step 1 under Selection. 
  7. Next, select the Constituency you would like to add to these records from the Constituency drop down. 
  8. Add any date parameters if needed. 
  9. You can also check the box to Remove value from unqualified records if you want to remove the Constituency from any records that are not present in your selection. For example, if John Doe has the user-defined constituency that you are creating this global change for but he is not included in your query selection, if you mark this option, the global change process will remove the user-defined constituency from his record.
  10. If you think you might have records that already have the constituency in your selection and you want to replace the existing constituency and date information with the new globally added one, check the box to Overwrite existing value. If the Overwrite existing value option is not marked and the constituency code already exists on the constituent's record, no changes will be made. A duplicate constituency code will not be added.
  11. Once you've completed the information, click Save. User-added image
  12. Once the process is saved, click the arrows beside your new process in the list and click Process global change.
  13. Once the process has completed, the records in your selection will have the new constituency added. 
You can also setup a Job Schedule to run this process automatically and unattended. When you create a job schedule, you specify the frequency and scheduled time of the occurrence.