This can be due to an exception in the Gift. To check if there was an exception, we can mark the batch as recurring and Validate the batch.  
  1. Open the batch
  2. Tools > Edit Batch Setup.
  3. Mark the Checkbox "Batch is recurring"
  4. Click Save and then Click Data Entry
  5. Click Tools > Validate.
NOTE: any exceptions and make changes as necessary. 
  1. Remove gifts that were already committed (We don't want to double existing gifts, only add those that are missing)
  2. Commit batch. 
We should now see this gift on the constituent record.

Make sure to turn off the "Batch is recurring" to prevent duplication of gifts in the future once you have you missing gifts added:
  1. Tools > Edit Batch Setup.
  2. Un-mark the Checkbox "Batch is recurring"
  3. Click Save