User-Defined Smart Query does not save filter fields

When editing a User-Defined Smart Query the user may notice that some of the filter fields no longer show the values set when the query was created.
This appears to be a UI issue only and does not effect Smart queries built from the User-Defined Smart Queries

Steps to Duplicate

1. Go to Admin >> Shell Design, User-Defined Smart Queries.
2. Create new for Smart Query for Constituent.
3. Add 'Application Details\Designation\Purpose\Site\Site record to the results fields'.
4. Build a revenue smart query using the new User-Defined Smart Query.
5. Run and test the new query.
6. Return to and edit the User-Defined Smart Query.
Notice that the 'Application Details\Designation\Purpose\Site\System record ID' field is no longer set as a filter.

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