Consolidated Pledge Schedule for a Split Pledge Lists Incorrect Amounts For Last Few Payments

When a Pledge is added as a Split Pledge using the Split Transaction entry, eTapestry will compile the different payment schedules for the Pledge Segments into a Consolidated Pledge Schedule which is displayed beneath the last segment.

When comparing the Consolidated Pledge Schedule to the Pledge Schedules of each of the individual Pledge segments, the last few scheduled payments for the Consolidated Pledge Schedule are not listed with the correct amounts.
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Steps to Duplicate

  1. Search for and open the donor's account
  2. Click on the Journal link in the account header
  3. Open the original Split Pledge entry
  4. Click on the Pledge Schedule tab for each of the Pledge segments and make note of the last few scheduled payments
  5. View the Consolidated Pledge Schedule at the bottom and note that the last few payments don't appear to be listed with the correct amounts.

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