If this occurs for one or a few letters:
  1. Navigate to Constituent Record
  2. Click Revenue> Revenue History
  3. Click on Gift
  4. From Payment record, click Tributes tab
  5. Verify there is text underneath Tribute text
If this occurs for all letters:
  1. Navigate to Marketing and Communications>Acknowledgements
  2. Click drop down next to Letter and select Edit
  3. Next to Merge fields select Edit
  4. From Selected fields, remove Tribute Text
  5. Save and close
  6. Next to Merge fields select Edit
  7. From left column, expand Revenue and Marketing, then expand Revenue, then expand Revenue Tributes
  8. Click on Tribute, then from middle column select Tribute Text
  9. Ensure in Selected fields you have selected Acknowledgement Export, then press the blue arrow to add Tribute Text to output as seen below
  10. Save and Close
Merge fields