When is chat support available?

Chat Support is available Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. ET.

For more information and exceptions, refer to: How do I access live chat support and what are the hours?


What types of questions can you ask through chat support?

Our expert analysts are able to troubleshoot a variety of issues and complexities through chat. If we can't resolve your issue on chat, we'll continue to work on the case and contact you using your preferred method.


Can you screen share through chat?

Yes, screen share is available at the discretion of the support analyst.


How do I start a chat?

  1. On the Chat Home page, click the "Chat now using IM" image for your product.
  2. Enter your name, email address, and organization name into the form, and click Submit.
  3. A chat window will open displaying your number in the queue and the name of the analyst will appear in the Chat Messages box when the session begins.
  4. Type your question and responses in the bottom box and click Send to display your response to the analyst.


What happens if my issue can't be resolved through chat?

If we can't resolve your issue on chat, we'll continue to work on the case and contact you using your preferred method.


Can I receive a copy of the chat transcript via email?

Yes, you can email the chat transcript at any point in the conversation by clicking the envelope icon (Envelope email icon) in the top right of the chat window. When you click the icon, a new window will appear to confirm your email address. Click OK and a copy of the chat transcript up to that point in the conversation will be emailed to you.

At the end of the chat session, there will be a "Send me a copy of the chat log" checkbox displayed. Mark the checkbox, verify your email address, and click OK. You will receive an email with the full chat transcript within a few minutes.


How do I access the chat transcript after the chat has ended?

After each chat session, a case is created to record the conversation and is available through Case Central. You'll receive an email when the case is created with the case number and a link to review the case notes.


I don't see the chat image on the Chat Support home page.

If the image does not display during normal chat hours, your profile may have recently been updated making chat support temporarily unavailable. The chat image will be available after your information is refreshed, which occurs every four hours at 4:00, 8:00, and 12:00 ET.

For additional troubleshooting steps, refer to: I can't start a Support chat on blackbaud.com or in the Customer Support Portal