The Select from query: function in Query options limits the population that the query will search for results. That is, it sets the group of records that the query will look among for matches. This can be a handy tool if your Raiser's Edge has lots of records, query filters are really complex, and/or a query hangs when processing.

To set this up in a query:
  1. Open a query
  2. Click on Tools and select Query Options...
  3. Click on Record Processing tab
  4. Mark Select from query:
  5. Click on the binoculars at the far right
  6. Search for the desired query in the new window and double-click on it in the results to add it
  7. Click OK

  • The Select from query: is run/considered first. Then the current query is run "within" that grouping. (Tip: Keep this in mind when deciding which query to select from. If a record is not grouped by the Select from query: results, then the current query will not consider it.)
  • The Query used at Select from query... must be same type as the opened query. (A constituent query can only select from another constituent query, etc.)
  • Query format (Dynamic and Static) can be different in the Select from query... setup. (Tip: If the criteria is complex and/or there are lots of records involved, consider using a Static query for the Select from query...  Be sure to refresh a Static query if it's older/saved before running the current query with the Select from query specified.)
  • If the query hangs or takes a long time to process (even if using a Static query in the Select from query...), try a Query Merge instead.

Example:  Let's find all donors who have made a gift since 2010 who live in Texas, North Dakota, or South Carolina.
  1. Create a dynamic constituent query to group records from these states: Addresses > Preferred Address > Preferred State one of Texas (TX), North Dakota (ND), South Carolina (SC)
  2. Save and close the query created in step 1.
  3. Create another dynamic constituent query to find donors with a gift since 2010: Last Gift > Gift Date > greater than or equal to 1/1/2010
  4. Name and save the query at File > Save (Tip: This is a good practice to save your work!)
  5. Click on Tools in the top menu bar and select Query Options...
  6. Click on Record Processing tab
  7. Mark Select from query...
  8. Click on the binoculars at the far right
  9. Search for the query created in steps 1 and 2
  10. Double-click on it in the results to add it
  11. Click OK
  12. Back in the main query, finish setting up the query adding any desired Output fields and Sort fields
  13. Click Run Now to run the query. The Select from query... runs first finding constituents in those states. Then among those records (constituents in TX, ND, or SC) the current query will run to find those who have a gift since 1/1/2010.