If you wish to display a deeper level of code descriptions in your View, please take the following steps:

1. From the Dashboard, perform a search of the records where you want to apply your View
2. Once your search is complete, it will appear in the Workspace > Select the View you have already created for these records
3. Once you have applied your View, click the folder icon at the bottom middle of the screen, next to the View dropdown
4. This will bring up a Change Display window > highlight the Coding Sheet column where you are looking to display subcodes
5. Once the Coding Sheet column is highlighted, click the Formatting button at the bottom of the window
6. This will display the Coding Sheet column options:
Display Code/Description - most users will only need to select 'Description only'
Code level to display - 'Level 1' is selected by default. Change this to suit your needs. If you have three levels of coding, change this to 'Level 3'
Show parent codes - check this box if you want to display all levels of codes that precede the previous selection
Delimiter between levels - you may choose your preference, most choose '\ {back slash}'
Primary/Secondary Codes - most users keep the default of 'Primary only'
Delimiter between codes - most users keep the default of '{carriage return}'
7. Once all of these are selected, click 'OK'
8. Click 'Apply' on the Change Display window
9. You will now see multiple levels of coding appear in the Coding Sheet column you have just changed