Redirect Links don't work from emails sent from CRM

Users have noted an issue where BBIS page redirects set up through the Administration>URL directs do not redirect if visited by a link sent out from an email sent via CRM, while the same email sent via BBIS allows the redirect to work correctly.

From investigation this seems that it might be caused by CRM appending a finder number to the link wheras BBIS email does not as this is the only difference in formatting of the links, I have attached two emails showing this the relevant links in them sent by the client, one from CRM, one from netcom, the link in question is at the bottom of the email "privacy and security statement".
We're currently evaluating this issue for a fix in a future patch or service pack. 

Steps to Duplicate

1. Set up a page with an active redirect in BBIS
2. Create an email in both BBIS and CRM that include a link to this page with the redirect.
3. Send both these emails from BBIS and CRM respectively.
4. Note that the email link from the one sent via CRM includes a finder number included in the link, while the BBIS one does not.
5. Observe redirect works for BBIS sent email and does not when CRM hits the page from the link.


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