There may be several reasons your Reviewer does not receive their password, but here are some common reasons why they would not, outlined below:

1. They have not white-listed ''
- Users that work within a small network may restrict incoming email, if they believe it to be coming from an unusual or unknown email address. If those systems do not enter a setting that allows mail from our site to pass through, the mail will not be received by the Reviewer. To prevent this, we recommend informing the Reviewer that their network team white-list ''. Once this is complete, the hope is that our emails will pass through successfully.

2. They are using the wrong email address to log in
- To confirm if your Reviewer is using the wrong email address, simply look up their Contact record in GIFTS Online. You can search by their last name using the Quick Find at the top center of your Dashboard. Once you find their Contact record, you can confirm their email address. If it is different from the one they are using, ask them to use the email address from the Contact record instead.